Koksgrå nordlyslue

For tredje år på rad har vi farget garn til vår stilige oppfinnelse Nordlyslua! Og denne gangen i nytt, supermykt merinogarn (ikke superwash). Husk at det er ny oppskrift til det nye garnet, med flere masker enn tidligere.

For three years in a row we have been dyeing these fabulous northern lights, and this time we have changed it up a bit. We have changed the yarn base to a supersoft Merino (non superwash) and had to change the dyeing process a bit to get the colours we wanted on the new yarn. We like it this way even more! A new pattern, in both norwegian and english has been uploaded to Ravelry and this one is also completely free (since you you kind of need to have our yarn to make a northern lights hat).